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My Name is Larimar OceAna, a name that was given to me by my beloved Arcturian friends as a frequency key code i am ment to carry at this time.

Names carry vibrations and Larimar OceaAna is a vibration that holds the essence of my soul as a Venusian, Lemurian Water Priestess and Songstress of  the Rainbow Light.

The unveiling of my truest self began for me in the temple of my body where I have found precious soul gems through a dedicated Yoga practice.

Finding infinite magic through this practice it became clear that part of my path was to become a teacher of this medicine.

 Shortly after this realization I found my teachers and completed a yoga training in Montreal, the city of my birth. 

Following the guidance of my Oceanic Soul,

I was then guided to anchor my light in the city of Angels where I became a certified Reiki Master, sound and crystal alchemist.

My Dharma is to share Galactic sonic light activations invoking Lemurian wisdom, the luminous energy of Venus, the dolphins, whales and other magical star beings.

It is also my intention to assist Gaia in birthing her 5D rainbow light body, Ascending to a 5D Realm of Unity Consciousness, anchoring the Sophia Christ light through Galactic grid work using crystals, sound and other sacred instruments. 

Whether through heart opening Yoga, Reiki illuminations, Galactic sounds, Goddess activations or crystal griding

it is my Heart's truest desire is to Elevate and hold space for people to know themselves as

an integrated being of light .


Jon Shapiro is an interdisciplinary musician and artist. He is the Co-Director of Data Garden with whom he developed the MIDI Sprout, a device that attaches to plants and translates their biofeedback into generative ambient music that responds to its environment in real time. Since then he has shared this work in music venues and healing spaces, cultivating a practice that helps people connect with plants and tune into themselves to experience subtle states of awareness.





Together Jon and Larimar create a Celestial Music Journey  that incorporates the music of plants using biofeed back technology,that Jon co created with Data Garden, the celestial sounds of crystal healing bowls,other healing instruments and ethereal vocals.

This transcendental sound journey is designed to activate the I Am Presence Divine Blue print and assist us in remembering our unique divine essence.

Guided by her Cetacean friends and other Star Beings. Larimar  incorporates sacred light language tones, speaking directly to ones heart leaving one in a state of bliss and harmony.

Jon facilitates the plant sounds in addition to his own Celestial sounds using his electric guitar.

Their intention is to assist in the awakening of humanity restoring the Garden of Eden through the sacred songs of Gaia.

Within the core of sound lies the blue print of creation:of the cosmos,of the planet, of your life and of all sentient life.
Stewart Pearce
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