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Illuminate the shadow

Transfigure through love

Activate Higher aspects of Self

Connect  to the greater wisdom of the heart

Embody Love through Oneness & Unity Consciousness


Welcome Beloved,

to my Etheric Portal of Light.

You have chosen a wonderful time to incarnate on Planet Earth as we are together in Oneness writing a new story for humanity.

My intention is to hold space for the Divinity within you to Awaken and for you to remember your true nature as a Divine being of Light at one with Source.

My Intention is to hold space for you to reconnect with your hearts dream, find and activate your own unique key codes and allow your heart to be the compass leading you to a life of magic and grace.

My intention is for you to find home within your being.

Lemurian water sounds is a temple of Wholeness within itself  WHOLEding space for the integration of all aspects of being, encompassing Love for the body through yoga,the mind through meditation , the emotional body through reiki and crystals and the spirit through sound.

The inspiration for this journey of Wholeness came to me through the Cetacean beings who together sing songs of remembrance to help us recall and reclaim our Divinity .

They help us remember that our essence is love by continuously being in a state of joy and presence and by swimming in spirals of infinity infusing our waters with diamond light key encodings of immaculate love waiting for us to reMEMBER our Oneness with all sacred life.



Also known as Mu was a time on Planet Earth when we lived in harmony and peace with all sacred life.

It was a time where we tended to the garden of Eden known as our planet.

We sang and communed with plants and all sentient life.

A golden age of collaboration where we lived and operated as ONE. 

There was no such thing as  indivi(DUAL)s, separation was unknown to this society who was guided by the Divine Feminine who ruled with her heart.

Sometime after, by choice and Divine cosmic order,

the veils began to descend upon us and we began to forget our true nature as we chose to experience duality and separation.

Taking on a physical body we chose to lower our frequency to a more dense 3D reality.

A reality where we began to see others outside of ourselves and explore the illusion of Self separation.

 We began to worship Gods and see them as seperate from us.

We chose this in order to experience the whole spectrum of emotions and possibility and to one day with even greater joy than before ReMEMBER the truth of our perfection as   L      VE embodied.


We are Remembering that our precious bodies hold the immaculate key codes of Wholeness and Unity Consciousness.

It is a sacred journey of excavating these jewels together as

we now enter this Aquarian age of Light in the full embodiment of our Soul's essence.

I Offer My Life in Service & Devotion
As Sacred Song & Dance to Yemaya
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