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            Gaia 5D &
The Diamond Light Key

One of the Magical Things we can do as Human Avatars is pull in any wisdom or information from our Akashic Records  from any life in any time in Space. You don't need although sometimes very helpful a psychic reader or even  a course to do it.

You can just call forth the Wisdom from your Soul and if you are Open and ready it is Given.

The information that comes through is often powerful medicine for ourselves and the people around us.

The information that is Relevant to me at this time is my lifetime as A Lemurian Intergalactic Sound Alchemist where I pulled in different sounds from my life on different planets to Co Create Worlds and Magic around me. My life was dedicated the Mother and  living in flow and harmony with her cycles and helping her weave her dreams. Another relevant journey is one where i was an Atlantean Priestess where I was a dedicated healer of the Divine Masculine. 

That life was one of great pain and transformation.In this life I continued to use my voice as medicine but had it taken away from me to hush the truth and wisdom that was coming through me.I like many women had been stripped from my greatest instrument.This is a metaphor that has played an important theme in our collective healing.Women have been silenced from millennials and through deep exploration and unraveling of this wound I, like many women have been able to heal and find my voice again.

These 2 lives are of great relevance at this time as these 2 Energies are ready to heal Previous karma and merge to co create  the Templates for the New Earth.

A New Earth Where the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine come Together in Sacred Union.

Our work is to bring those part of ourselves into balance and harmony.

This is part of how we bring in the New Golden Dawn.

The New Earth is Actually already here waiting for us to Awaken to it.

This is the Diamond light key codes of Unity Consciousness that we have all been dreaming of.

The New Angelic Human

We are from the Stars and to the Star form we shall return.

As we now begin move into crystalline light form, we start to bloom like flowers into our star bodies, we start to look more like the colors of our soul rays.

Our carbon based cells are now moving into crystalline form, our 12 strand DNA is being reactivated and our 12 chakra system reignited.

What this means is we are reawakening our natural gifts of clairsentience, clairaudience,clairvoyance, telepathy and more. The Sophia Christ consciousness codes are being reactivated within our being.The Divine mother Goddess that had been forgotten for so long is now reemerging into our consciousness and we are being brought back into wholeness.

In order for anything to be whole we must have the Feminine and Masculine aspects brought into balance otherwise it cannot be complete.

We are recalibrating these aspects within ourselves and bringing them back into wholeness.

The New Angelic humans will first remember their deep connection and Oneness with the Earth, the deep Shakti codes that we carry deep within ourselves, our beautiful Majestic Roots and from remembering this Divine feminine part of ourselves and bringing  it back into wholeness we will align with the Great Central Sun Energies, the Shiva Divine Masculine Codes that will then give us our wings.

Earth is the Planet of Emotions, a library of wisdom where one of the things we come to master is Emotion.

Emotions are a beautiful gift we get to experience,

but what is important to keep in mind while experiencing negative emotions is that the process of that emotion if we choose,

can take very little time.Although it may serve us to stay in the emotion for a while specially if we have been ignoring it,

we now have access to a new state of Beingness.

A new level of consciousness, a new frequency.

It is my innerstanding that Ascension is not some grandiose experience.It is Simple, it is Truth, it is Unity Consciousness where there is no other We are We.

The New Golden Dawn is upon us.

The construct of time is rapidly melting as Gaia 5D is the Magic Of The Moment and it is here NOW, can you feel into it?If you can anchor it in Beloved, this is our grid work for Ascension.

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