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For my Beloved Teachers

I would like take a moment to honor my beloved teachers, the people that have guided my path.

My beautiful Yoga teachers which is how it all began for me.

Jessie Goldberg, Eugene Poku they are not only super hero badass acro yogis but also amazing humans, parents and friends. Your creativity, passion and and grace has always inspired me so much. Thank you i love you <3

For more info on Jessie and Eugene go to

Allison Ulan, your passion, wisdom and dedication to your work has been a joy to witness.What a blessing to have you as one of my first teachers.

For more info on Allison go to

Sara Falugo the most heart felt powerful teachers i know.

Your presence, grace, love and guidance has meant the world to me thank you for inspiring and uplifting me and the world around you.What a gift you are to this Planet.

I am so grateful to you, Thank you i love you.

For more info on Sara go to 

Grace Oh you are an angel on Earth

Thank you for your grace your beauty and all the magic you have taught me.

I am eternally grateful for all the beautiful sound medicine you have given me.

I love you and i am so blessed to have you in my life.

For more info on Grace go to

Victoria Vives,you are a well of knowledge and i have learned  much from you.I am  grateful for your wisdom that has helped me grow in  many ways.

For more info on Victoria go to

Helane Anderson,is such a powerful Priestess and the way she weaves the magic of her craft is so beautiful to me.

She has taught me how to be more embodied here on Earth and own my Divinity and Gifts in such a beautiful way.

Thank you i am so very grateful.

There are many more teachers but these are the ones that have really assisted me in owning and sharing my gifts.

Eternal Gratitude for all these blessed beings.

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