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Oceanic Sunlit Rainbow Reiki &
Crystal Therapy

Reiki is a Japanese healing method developed by the Japanese Doctor Mikao Usui.         

This energy healing modality uses the hands to channel light healing energy into the chakras or any where in the body to bring balance and harmony to the physical, mental and emotional body.

As a Mer being I love to do this session by the Ocean, using the magical sound waves as sound healing and the healing energy of the water for clearing and cleansing.

The Sun holds all of the light frequencies of the Rainbow which I use in my sessions and being outdoors experiencing it's light directly is a Blessing.

I use Sun, Star and Rainbow light frequencies as my allies to assist me in restoring balance and anchor in the Divine Frequency the Being carries. 

I also like to use sacred essential oils as well as crystals to help amplify the process.

I invoke my guides, the person's guides, Angels

and I begin to feel into what needs to be brought back into Wholeness.

It is always clear to me that i am not the one doing the healing , although i may assist, the person is the one processing the energy and doing the deeper work.

 Most of the time you may feel like you are on a cloud and may even fall asleep.

Reiki can be a powerful tool to help restore energy flow and vitality, promoting wellbeing, peace and bringing the Being back into Wholeness.

Each session lasting 1hr to 1:15mins


on the work we are doing



            Exchange 144$

      Sliding scale available

           inquire by email


   Add Sound healing:

 Amplifying the different light frequencies we use.

I will add my voice, similarly as dolphins use their sonar, different sound instruments such as crystal bowls, tunning forks and more.These technologies assist me in the transmutation process and also in activating and integrating the beautiful Sun, Star & Rainbow light frequencies we have cultivated.




            Exchange 222$

      *All sessions are also

            available inside

 inquire by email for more info 


Mama Gaia Sacred Jewels

Our Beautiful Earth provides us with the most Majestic gems infused with their own unique magical frequency each Radiating light rays of luminous love reminding us of our Divinity.

They are the whole spectrum of light and Divinity we hold inside.

I  absolutely love working with crystals as they infuse us with the purest Earth Mama vibrations and

 each hold a special code of remembrance.



  Larimar’s magical reiki sessions are gentle and   soothing like an ocean breeze on a warm night.  She creates a peaceful and loving space, where  I feel safe and taken care of with so much   gentleness, love and support. I usually fall into a deep, peaceful sleep right after the session and wake up feeling lighter and refreshed 

She has helped me through some really tough and painful situations for many years now and I consider Larimar an angelic being.

Elle Coceanji

Location manager


Ive had a few private sessions with Larimar and had such a sweet grounding cleansing experience with her Solar Elemental Reiki Session at Sunset on the Beach. Laying on the earth and feeling the transmissions of the Sun, Ocean, Earth, Air, was so nurturing and Larimar held such beautiful space for the Reiki energy to transmute and transform my energetic field. Her combination of Reiki Sound Baths are just as profound and a very deep experience as she channels light codes from the highest source available.

Grace Oh

Sound healer,

Reiki Master & Chef

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