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The Sisterhood of the Rose

The Feminine is rising rapidly on our planet at this time.

We are called to Rise in our Power and lead the next generations forward into a heart felt reality where we can live in a Paradise of Peace and Harmony on our Planet.

This is a big and beautiful task. 

The time has come and we are ready.

Gone are the days where women compete with each other.

We come together to support, embrace and uplift one another.

We do this by Celebrating and Honoring each others Gifts.

We each hold a very special part of  the Ascension frequency for our planet  and it is important to recognize how special our vibration is and the Divine time has come to share the pearls of our soul.

In doing this, we uplift the world around us and write a new story for humanity.

We do this for our children, for our families and the beautiful Divine Masculine that is also Rising into a new level of Majesty, love and very much wanting to support the Feminine Rising.

Sacred Moon Circles

Sweet Sister Divine, 

 it is Such a Blessing to share this moment in time where we come together to support each others healing and the healing of our mother planet.

It is such a BeYoutiFULL time of awakening and REMEMBERance of our true Divinity.

We come TOGather to Honor Our ONEness with The Earth and celebrate the return of the Goddess Divine on this precious Earth.

What a Gift it is to hold space and participate in such magic.

 Our sister circles are Sacred ceremonies where we transcend space and time and open up a portal to receive ancient Goddess wisdom  through moon ritual, Goddess activations, embodiment dances,intention setting, sacred sound, poetry, deep sister connection and more.

All in reverance to our Divine Feminine essence.

Our Sacred Circles are a place where we are free to Be Ourselves Fully in our Beauty and Divinity  Envoking the parts of Ourselves that have been Longing to Be Seen.

Come with an Open Heart 

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The Crystalline R   sChoir

Intentionally anchoring our frequency ray into the Earth is another big part of our Ascension.

As a sound Priestess I have anchored my vibration in sacred ceremony through the guidance of the Ceteaceans , Arcturians and other Star beings through sound, crystals and other sacred instruments.

I remember a time when we gathered in this way as women in Lemuria and it brings such joy to my heart.

As a Sophia Priestess of the Dragon I have heard the call to anchor in the divine feminine vibration on the lay lines of Gaia.

I am listening to the call and inviting 12 women to gather on the Ley lines of Giza to anchor in a special sound Ceremony Transmission.

This will be a 12 day Sound ceremony guided by myself, other sound Priestess, the Sophia Dragon collective, the Acturians and other sacred guides.

You may ask why 12? A lot of us have been receiving this number as a sacred number of great importance at this time.We have gathered in this sacred number of 12 throughout Lemuria, Atlantis and other blessed times.

We have moving into a 12 Strand DNA system, we are activating our 12 Chakra System, the patterns are infinite.

The 12 day journey will be comprised of 12 Sound Ceremonies,

each in or outside a sacred temple within the Giza Ley lines.

More information,dates,prices and registration

coming soon.

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