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Celestial Sunset Sound Journey at Sea

  This 2 hour Celestial Sound Journey

is one that is dedicated to the Ocean.

       A dream Sunset ceremony on a boat at sea,

we come together to commune with the waters through sacred sound vibration ,toning, intention setting & prayer.

Our Ceremony is held during the full moon 

amplifying our intentions and prayers.

As we harmonize our voices and the sacred waters

of our beings we may even attract cetacean friends

along the way and whether or not this happens

their loving presence is always  felt through the gentle embrace of the sea. 

Our Beloved dolphins and whale friends

have been using the power of sound technology

since the beginning of times for manifestation,

healing, eco location & more.

These beautiful beings hold the vibration of pure love

and desire for us to join them in this embodiment,

I believe sound is a conduit to lead us

to this manifestation.

This Journey is an offering of my heart's

most sacred dreams and i am beyond delighted

to share this dream with you.

Come as you are warmly dressed

with an open heart and dream seeds in your pocket.

Join us for our next journey on the Pink Full Moon April 18th at 6:44pm in Marina Del Rey.


Council is reserved for 11 people and the 

Exchange is 111$ 

*This ceremony is available for retreats

inquire by email


What people are saying


Larimar’s ocean journey is a magical respite and gift! It felt like visiting Hawaii for the night - getting to witness the sunset at sea on a beautiful boat with dolphins jumping around us. Larimar is a gifted sound healer and guide. Her genuine, heartfelt connection to the ocean, dolphins, and whales is a rare blessing to experience. I recommend with the highest regards!

Madeline Giles 

Angelic Breath Healing


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