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Beloved Dolphin and Whale

Our Cetacean friends in particular our whale friends are the record keepers of Earth's history.They  hold inside of them such massive love encodings and sing songs of  a golden ancient time where Humanity lived in harmony and in peace with Gaia.

 A time where the divine feminine ruled with her heart brain and we knew ourselves as Whole and as One with our mother Planet. Legends say that whales are pods of dolphins that wished to live together as one.


Our Dolphins come as Master Teachers of Joy and Presence.Their lives are spent literally playing, making love, dreaming and eating.

They gather in the morning and share dreams with one another preparing for a day of conscious joyous co creation.They communicate telepathically through imagery, sonor & sound vibration.They have evolved in a way where there has been no disease in their species as they are in a constant state of  joy and ease.


Dolphin Reiki


I will start by saying i believe that dolphins should be left in their natural environment , however i do also believe they really want to be of assistance.That being said i think it is so wonderful that people are finally starting to understand their healing abilities.

My wish for them is that people use their assistance with respect, in the ocean or at the very least in a space where they can return to the ocean as they please.

There are various centers opening all over the world that work with dolphins and autistic children.It is now a well known fact that after being exposed to dolphins in the water these children begin to respond in ways they never have before.Children that have barely ever said a word begin to engage the people in their environment in ways they have not before.It is also known that dolphins are able to detect illnesses in people.

How Dolphins heal: By introducing a person in the water, the dolphin scans the body, then identifies where the injury is, he then goes directly to the damaged point and begins to give out his ultrasonic sound.

The dolphin starts to stimulate the central nervous system.

 This helps to improve the cerebral plasticity of the person, and this is where we start to witness the changes .

Source: Federico Quiroz, DolphinTherapist Mexico City

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